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Astro Tips for January 2014

Astro Tips
January 2014

January 1, 2014
New Moon 10 degrees Capricorn

The January New Moon actually falls on New Year’s Day.  How odd is that?  When I look at the horoscope for this New Moon, I just want to frown.  There is one hard aspect after another in this chart.  I hope we know how to get out of a pressure cooker because that is what it looks like. Pressure has been building up ever since Mars stepped into the sign of Libra and that Mars in Libra is activating the Uranus/Pluto big show.

We are rattled, fatigued and overwhelmed by energy that feels relentless with its demands.

The cycle of Uranus and Pluto started in the mid 1960’s when the planets made a conjunction in the sign of Virgo.  This conjunction initiated a social revolution on our planet.  In 2012 Uranus and Pluto reached the first Square Aspect of this cycle.  You might say they reached the first serious challenge of all that occurred in the mid 60’s.  There will be two more serious challenge times before the cycle is complete and a new conjunction of Uranus and Pluto forms. Their current square connection has many exact aspects between 2012 and 2015.  Our puny minds can’t totally grasp what this revolution is about because it is really beyond our comprehension and most of us will not live to see how it actually unfolds.  The next major crisis in the Uranus/Pluto exchange won’t occur for almost fifty more years.  Most of the time we are just in reactive mode to this event.  Other times we speculate on what it all means.  One example of the current revolutionary changes would have to be gay rights.  There has been a profound change in how the majority of people think about gayness.  Even the Pope!!  Maybe these current times represent a small step toward becoming citizens of a Universe (not just citizens of a city, state, country, planet).   But each of us is in our own revolution.  Maybe it’s in our psyches, in our bodies, in our relationships with family, or in our careers. We are all Mr. and Ms Uranus and Mr. and Ms Pluto.  We are all control freaks. We are all “out of control” freaks. We are trying to shift away from old ways of thinking. We are trying to ascend into different vibrations.  Meanwhile, we are rattled, fatigued and overwhelmed by energy that feels relentless.

Have you noticed any change in your sense of time, or is it just that I’m getting older and time flies by?  It seems there is not enough time to do everything.  Life keeps rushing along.  Life keeps asking me to make adjustments. Nothing stays in place.  Everything seems messy.  Mad drivers fill the freeways.  Friends are irritable.  I’m behind in everything and frustrated beyond belief.

Uranus (planet of shock, trauma, upheaval, revolution) and Pluto (planet of control, elimination and transformation) are not necessarily causing anything to happen.  However, their cycle should be understood this way:  As Above, So Below.

Metaphorically, these two planets might be viewed as archetypal deities.  They are waging a battle and we are experiencing their battle on earth.  Does that sound crazy?  Uranus is the sky god.  Sky god rules things like wind and thought and lightening bolts and striving for perfection.  Pluto is the underworld deity where riches are found.  Think diamonds and gold. Who controls the underworld controls life, or so it seems.  Pluto doesn’t want to give up control of all those pretty things.  Think stock market.  The movie, “Wolf of Wall Street”, has a strong Plutonian theme:  being seduced by wealth and the sense of being invincible.  The rich Wall Street players seem to get away with living a life out of the days of the Roman emperor Nero.  It’s just in their nature to use other people and to try to grab more than they really need.  They prove their power through having too much and living without scruples. This is how they experience themselves. Uranus is the planet that brings surprise and awakening to this operation.  Uranus driving the car off the road or brings a tornado to the neighbor.  Or the FBI tracks them down.  

We all have some little part of Pluto telling us we must be in control . . . my will, my will, MY WILL.    We all have some little part of Uranus, the rebellious impatient awakener ready to bring the fire of innovation to all.  Furthermore, as a community on planet earth, maybe we have gone too far in our hubris. We have robbed the underworld of its treasures.  We have used more than we needed.  Now Uranus and Pluto play out in the heavens and we watch on earth as the environment suffers, animals suffer, people suffer and many people make fools of themselves.  Some people turn to religious fervor to justify antiquated behaviors and beliefs. Judgmental religious/spiritual arrogance can only lead us further from the center of the Universe.  

Back to January and the New Moon:  Imagine that all the planets are living parts of your inner being.

Those of us who lived through the 60’s really believed the revolution was a done deal and we were on the way to a more compassionate world.  The chart for the New Moon on January 1st tells us we still have a long way to go.  The Sun, Moon, Mercury and Pluto (all in Capricorn) are all sitting on a stone bench (it’s stone because this is the sign of Capricorn, solid earth).  They are bunched together and they don’t like it.  The happy, warm, vital Sun and the emotional Moon must hold hands with the underworld (Pluto) where confronting secrets and truth must happen before we get the gold.  In addition, Pluto is holding hands with Mercury (Hermes), the messenger. We are sure to get some powerful news on January 1.  Maybe we could start right now and practice how to talk to each other without damage.  Mercury and Pluto together is a sign of truth telling.  Pluto gives intensity to our words and also to the Sun’s ego identity expression.  Venus retrograde is sitting off on the corner of the bench (8 degrees away from Mercury). Maybe Venus is trying to stay balanced while the rest of the crew is arguing.  It’s possible that the Moon in Capricorn will just shut down and wait for the Sun to come up tomorrow.

Planet Jupiter, the deity of excess and bravado, is opposing all five of these entities  from across the playing field in the sign of Cancer.  Maybe a Cancerian Jupiter is a little toned down, but still the Sun, Moon, Pluto, Mercury and Venus are all extremely big and in your face due to Jupiter’s presence.  If planets Mars and Uranus were not involved, we could almost say it’s just an optimistic kind of big day.  Alas, Mars in Libra and Uranus and Aries are in the big grand square pressure cooker.  Imagine a big square, now it becomes a shouting match in a boxing ring.

Venus in Capricorn is retrograde so maybe we are longing for the good ole days.  Maybe we call up some old friends to help ease the pressure.  Maybe we hear from an old lover.   Mars in Libra is full of the fighting spirit, particularly in the relationship arena.  Uranus in Aries brings surprises and possibly shock. In fact, Mars connecting with Uranus and all these other planets could mean some surprise announcement in partnerships.  The rest of the cast of players in Capricorn wants life to be settled and dependable, but the interaction with Mars, Uranus and Jupiter forces the staid Capricorn energy to squirm and wiggle.  Trying to find a comfortable thing to say or a warm & fuzzy place to relax could be hard. I see the New Moon in Capricorn as a time of frozen emotions. The Moon is overwhelmed by all the excitement, agitation and aggression.

If you are into New Year’s resolutions, do a ceremony and seal it with your word!

These planets are all in the cardinal/moveable signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn. Remember, the moveable signs literally move us along through the seasons.  They get stuff going.  New Year’s Day is a great one to get stuff going.  If we commit to a plan, we will probably carry through.  If you are into New Year’s resolutions, do a ceremony and seal it with your word!

What’s it good for?

Here are a few possible remedies that hopefully will keep the day from becoming a boxing match. This new moon energy might be great for a rock concert, any kind of musical performance, theater, creative undertakings, journaling, hiking in nature where weather permits, intuitive readings for the coming year, and finally, deep explorations of our belief systems and our current life situations. 

Saturn trines Jupiter:  We have hope no matter what!

At least Saturn, our good planet of structure and planning, is making a wonderful connection (trine) with Jupiter.  All is not lost.  We have hope in this New Year no matter what.  We can get serious and thoughtful about our plans and purposes. 

Neptune is a dim light on this New Year’s Day

On the bigger collective/social stage, one might expect explosive news from anywhere on the planet.  Political players will be caught in their shenanigans or they will take up air space trying spread their version of truth.  Poor planet Neptune is hardly visible in the planetary arrangement.  Neptune, ruler of the victim, will be victimized by harsh words about the new health care agenda.  Neptune rules compassion also, but compassion is a dim light on this New Year’s Day stage.  Maybe we can light a bunch of candles and try to up the level of caring.  Speak out for justice (Mars in Libra). Refuse to be seduced by the promises of the corporate rulers (Pluto in Capricorn). Recognize your own genius (Uranus in individual Aries) and make plans to be a pioneer in your special area of expertise.  Dream up ways to help others.  With Jupiter in Cancer we can feel the need of all sentient beings.  Instead of using the Jupiter energy to brag and boast, we can extend to others with enthusiasm and nurturance.

Have a board meeting with your inner self

All those planets in Capricorn have a message: be realistic, be pragmatic, and fight all illusion. Have a board meeting with your inner self.  What do you want to happen this year?  How do you want to live your life? Can you give up being a victim?  Can you change how you think about your life?  Can you align your beliefs with the present hour? How will you thrive and be prosperous and yet not be seduced by wealth?  How can you be a good steward of planet earth? What are your bottom line values?  Where is your community? Are your relationships supporting your wholeness?

We are being cooked for some purpose but it feels like we are still raw.

The Big Square in the heavens is a pressure cooker.  We are being cooked for some purpose and it feels raw and scary.  Life goes on.  We will meet the challenge.  Perhaps a mantra like, “I eat change and transformation for breakfast” will help us stay in the flow of fast moving energy. Meanwhile, tuning in to dimensions beyond this earthly plane can save your body and soul.  Remember Neptune is the silent player on the stage all month. These days are about “what you see is what you get” and it’s hard to escape the busy, harsh reality.  Seek out Neptune, the silent player.  Take time to remember other times of sweet connection with planet earth and with higher dimensions. Remember special, profound, happy experiences.  Connect with the heavens and the stars and the moon, and with the angels and all the spiritual beings that dart in and through our existence to help us.  There is plenty to look forward to in 2014.  We look forward to more fun, more learning, more happiness, deeper connections with others, better health and new ways of expressing ourselves.  Keep a light heart and continue to watch the show.  Keep an open heart and it will fill with new sources of awakening and love.  And remember, the wise ones tell us we signed up be here NOW.  Welcome to 2014.

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