Monday, January 6, 2014

Astro Tip January 7, 2014

Astro Tip for Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The pressure cooker energy from January 1st is activated again when the Moon joins Uranus in Aries.  The moon has now moved 90 degrees from the new moon in Capricorn when a powerful period was initiated on January 1st.  As of Tuesday, Mercury and Venus are putting their heads together to figure out ways to be more organized and ways to create new avenues for income. Moon in Aries comes along and reinforces our commitment to resolutions and plans.  However, Uranus sitting with the Moon might interrupt what we thought was solid.  Moon/Uranus shouts across the court at Mars.  We are irritable and unsettled.  This will pass. The important thing to remember is the New Moon in January gives us a basketful of energy to initiate a new life course.  This could be in the form of generating new actions or changing our behavior in a major way.  It could be a shake-up in our belief system.  It could be events beyond our control that take us in a new direction.

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