Thursday, February 27, 2014

Mercury direct February 28, 2014

Mercury is at a standstill at the moment, getting ready to resume its direct phase tomorrow, February 28.  Mercury has been in its first retrograde phase of 2014 since February 6th. Maybe you have experienced some setbacks or mix-ups.  Maybe an old problem got a makeover and is now settled in some way.  Retrograde periods are not necessarily bad. Sometimes they are inconvenient though. We miss an appointment or show up at the wrong time. Appliances break down or the car needs unexpected maintenance. Mercury retrograde periods take us out of “normal, human-made time” and drop us into a right brain time.  We can be more intuitive. We can get helpful mental impressions.  Old problems can be solved in a new way.  This current Mercury retrograde phase started with Mercury in Pisces.  Mercury then backed up into Aquarius and now goes direct at 18 degrees of Aquarius on Friday, February 28th.  Mercury will move on into Pisces again on March 17th.  During this retrograde time intuitive antennae have been giving creative guidance and interesting dreams.  As Mercury in Aquarius picks up a little speed we may ease back into society’s idea of time and begin to take action on the intuitive data gathered during February.

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