Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine's Day Full Moon

Friday, February 14th
Full Moon 26 degrees of Leo

In the 14th Century Geoffrey Chaucer wrote a poem that brought the older, religious Feast of Saint Valentine into the secular world.  The Feast of Saint Valentine morphed into a day to honor romantic, courtly love.  We are still celebrating love in the year 2014 and this year the full moon in Leo falls on February 14th, Valentine’s Day. 

New Love, Committed Love, Delusional Love.

If we look at the planetary picture for the full moon on Valentine’s Day, we see many possibilities for love:  new love, delusional love, and committed love are all represented in the horoscope for Valentine’s Day.

Planet Saturn, currently transiting through Scorpio, is forming a serious T-cross with the Moon, Mercury and the Sun.  This configuration has a number of possible interpretations.  Relationships could become more serious.  Decisions to merge and marry are on the horizon for some.   Those without a relationship might feel too lonely during this full moon.  It is good to get together with friends and have some fun even if you don’t have a sweetie. Avoid isolation on this hyped-up romantic day!

Venus plus Pluto spells Passion

Planet Uranus, currently transiting the sign of Aries, is also forming a T-cross.  Uranus connects with the Venus/Pluto duet in practical Capricorn and with Jupiter sitting in touchy/feely Cancer.  This T-cross could bring big surprises and upsets.  Venus and Pluto together can be intense, passionate love or frantic jealousy.  Since the duo of Venus and Pluto is directly across the courtyard from Jupiter, we might expect something very dramatic to occur.  Something big.  For some people this could be a new relationship that comes out of the blue.  For others it could mean an exciting interlude that is a precious moment in time. For others, a relationship may blow-up, explode, or bring a surprise you don’t want to live with.  Some people will experience big awakening in the love-house.

Neptune: Idealistic Love

Finally, We have the mysterious player, Neptune (currently traveling through the sign of Pisces).  Neptune will be making a wide opposition to the full moon.  Inspiration and beauty will make many people happy.  But Neptune also sits with Mercury and the Sun (all connecting to that reality planet, Saturn).  What we thought was real may suddenly evaporate into thin air.  We might realize we have been lied to or deceived in some way.  Perhaps we are involved in a situation that is lovely and soulful but has no chance of being anchored into the real world. That is sad.  On the other hand, this Neptune pattern might bring heart-felt eloquence.  Enjoy the beautiful words, pictures and experiences and then let time decide if there is enough practicality to give duration to the relationship.

Planet Mars is visiting Libra, the sign of relationship.  Mars is smiling at the Sun, Mercury and Neptune. This is great for dancing and for romance.  Valentine’s Day can be a happy celebration for many.

Can I really love me?

Maybe the most important thing is to remember that we are each loveable.  There is a song called, “I Love Myself the Way I Am.”  I first learned this song through the teacher, Arnold Patent, back in the 90’s.  Arnold Patent teaches people universal principles and one of the fundamental principles is about loving and appreciating the self.  Here are a few words from the song:  “I’m beautiful and capable of being the best me I am and I love myself just the way I am.” Here is the link to the song:

Happy Valentine’s Day.

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