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Astro Tips for April 2014


The New Moon in Aries happened on March 30.  The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra will occur on April 15th.  The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus is April 29th.  The Grand Square (also called Grand Cross) is April 21st.  Busy month!  I am mostly writing about the Grand Cross:  Uranus in Aries, Jupiter in Cancer, Mars in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn.  First, about the eclipses . . .

Lunar Eclipse connects with Mars in Libra:  pay attention to all relationships

Eclipses come in two’s, a solar eclipse and lunar eclipse.  There are two sets of eclipses each year.  The energy of the eclipse can give a person a particular emphasis or subject for up to 6 months.  If the eclipse connects with your Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Mercury, Venus or Mars, it might impact your life in a big way that involves struggles or windfalls (it can be either one).  Sometimes the eclipse just impacts a particular department in your life. For example, you might spend several months making a job change or moving to another location.  The lunar eclipse on April 15th is a full moon in Libra (25degrees) where it connects with Mars and the North Node in Libra.  Relationship issues are front and center.  There could be sudden disruptions or endings in relationships.  There could be sudden new relationships that impact your future.  There could be arguments to clear the air. As we move towards the eclipse date, relationships (their challenges or allure) will be stirred up.  We can work with the energy to find a new direction or a resolution.

On April 29th, we have the solar eclipse with a new moon in sturdy, earthy Taurus (8 degrees).  This eclipse looks calmer in spite of the big Grand Square/Cross that is also present.  Maybe the Taurus energy will bring us back to a sense of stability and security.

The Uranus-Pluto Square:  transforming stagnant energy in ourselves and in the collective

We continue to experience the powerful, intense connection with planets Uranus and Pluto.  Remember this is a major planetary cycle that began with Uranus and Pluto conjunct in Virgo in 1965-1966.  Have you noticed how many news items include information about the 60’s, especially with regard to civil rights/voting rights?  This cycle will continue for many years to come.  Currently we are living through the first big challenge to the “revolution” or “awakening” that began in the 60’s.  Pluto is the break down, “get rid of the stagnant energy” agent while Uranus is the inventive, break through planet.  However, Pluto also rules the plutocracy and its wealth controlling system.  Those who have the wealth and are in control want to keep the stagnant status-quo methods in place.  They are not interested in any Uranus, brotherhood of mankind, equality-for-all, experience!  These opposing forces have been doing a fierce battle since June 2012.  The month of April is another moment of intense confrontation between Pluto and Uranus as society continues to struggle to find a new system that will work better on our planet. This time two more planets are in the mix (Mars and Jupiter).  The bigger picture says we are undergoing profound changes in ourselves, in our society and on our planet.

When an astrologer talks like this, it’s easy to think we are suggesting a cause and effect phenomenon.  Not quite.  There is a connection or relationship between big planetary cycles and what goes on here on planet Earth.  How it plays out is, in many ways, up to us.

Here are some tips to keep in mind as we breathe our way through the month of April.  Do not hold your breath. Keep breathing!

Mars in aspect to Uranus means short fuses are everywhere.  Spontaneous eruptions of discontent—on the road, in the grocery store, in the classroom, in the kitchen, bedroom…you get the idea.  The dialogue between fiery Mars and independent Uranus is about impulsive behavior, speech and anger.  Mars is transiting Libra, the sign of balance, harmony and relationship.  How frustrating to have all this commotion upsetting our need to believe we are in good relationships.  Whatever issues are there will surface with this big bang going on.  Mars is aspecting Jupiter as well.  This also suggests big, spontaneous outbursts stemming from irritated egos.

Then there is Mars yelling at Pluto.   Mars and Pluto can produce repressed, unconscious anger coming from the depths.  Pluto can be mean and Mars acts out meanness with words or even violence.  Since Mars is currently in air sign Libra, the anger is more likely to take the form of words.  These insights offered by astrology do not indicate the end of the world or the end of your life.  They are offered as data to help us navigate the river.  One strategy is to hop into your canoe, head for the middle of the river where you can ride the current.

Facing challenges and opportunities is a good idea.  We do need to be conscious and awake.

These spring days are full of more than showers and flowers.  These are days of challenge and opportunity that can generate honesty inside us. We have the challenge to acknowledge our own deep discontent and anger.  We have the opportunity to find ways to breakthrough the old patterns and move to higher ground.  We can experience this months as a “grand cross to bear” or we can ask,  “what is the grand cross to bear good for?”  What can we do with it?  Study something new?  Get involved in a social or political cause? Have an honest conversation with a person we are struggling with?  Make a commitment to change certain life style habits?

With Mars so active this month it is good to have physical exercise to move the energy through the body.  It is also good to express yourself if you are upset.  On the positive side, this intense planetary energy will encourage us to get strong through exercise and self-improvement programs.  One cautionary note:  do not overdo it.
The influence of Mars/Uranus/Pluto/Jupiter can mean we push too hard too fast and end up back at base camp with an injury.  Keep it smooth and pace yourself.

Pluto—the urge to die and be reborn

Clean out closets, the refrigerator and your car.  Get ride of what you don’t need anymore.  The way to live with Pluto is:  first of all, take responsibility for our own negative junk and work on it.  Deep issues may come to the surface now and they need the right kind of attention.  Also, to be on good terms with Pluto it is important to make sure you don’t eat rotten food, or, metaphorically, don’t eat rotten energy.  What does that mean?  If we bump into negative, toxic energy we constrict in our solar plexus and in our heart center.  It could be an environment, a situation, a memory or a person.  It is something that does not align with our energy.  It just feels wrong and we want to get away from it.  Then we need to release it from our energy field so it doesn’t stick around.  Finally, find ways to clean up your act without getting sick if at all possible.  However, don’t beat up on yourself if you do get sick.  Illnesses can be experienced as a de-toxing event:  cleansing and preparing for a new lifestyle or new consciousness about self.  Die and be reborn.  Mantra for Pluto:  I ask for balance between MY will and HIGHER will.

Uranus—the urge to be free

Uranus gives us the urge to be free.  This means something different to everyone.  Find out what it means to you.  What beliefs do you have around the words, “personal freedom”?  Is it allowed in your belief system? Uranus says, be yourself. How do feel about expressing who you are and not always trying to conform to a situation?  Uranus is the rebel, not the conformist.  What is the balance between cooperation and individuality?

Uranus—the call to awakening

“Human consciousness is approaching a narrow point in time when human evolution speeds up tremendously and makes a jump into a new level of consciousness.  We become something greater than what is now called human.” (Drunvalo Melchiadek.  The Mayan Ouroboros, p. 14)

Uranus is the planet of awakening.  If we don’t examine our beliefs, if we aren’t honest about our discontent, if we haven’t learned how to be aware of our unconscious behavior patterns when we are angry and triggered, how will we ever AWAKEN and be members of a cosmic universe?  We don’t have to be perfect. We do need to be conscious and awake.   How can we be a part of the shift in planetary frequency if we aren’t conscious enough to catch a glimpse of it?  In spite of the plutocracy, Pluto is tearing down what doesn’t need to be there anymore.  Maybe we have to see how bad the system is before it comes crashing down.  Maybe it is our consciousness that causes the crash.

Live as if we are entering a new dimension, a New Earth

Delores Canon, author of The Three Waves of Volunteers and The New Earth, works with hypnotherapy.  She has written about people and their past lives and their experiences with alien life.  She has also written about people who are here on planet earth at this amazing time because they want to be here for the new dimensional shift that is occurring.  She maintains that many of these souls have not lived on earth before or they are from other “places” in the universe; and they truly want to be here right now.  Admittedly so many tragic things happen.  How can there be a new positive frequency?  According to Canon and many other metaphysical researchers, we cannot destroy our planet because it would cause too many repercussions in our solar system and beyond.  Hence there are souls here to help lift the vibratory frequency of Planet Earth.  I don’t know if this is true, but during this month of tension and challenge, it’s a good idea to live as if this is true.

Some people are already living on the New Earth.  They see it and they are living it.  For example, there are Tibetan monks chanting everyday to raise the energy frequency on our planet.  Other people are in the trenches of the change.  They are there doing their thing to show us what needs to happen to create something new out of the extreme polarity we are living in.  Maybe watching and observing the polarity and its tense stagnant hold on our collective consciousness is changing us.  Maybe how we change our consciousness is what makes the society change and gives the collective body a new experience. 

It is challenging to live in the tension of all that is unfolding.  This month really gets our attention!  The living Maya elders give us hope.  They . . . “have predicted that as we approach the years between 2012 and 2015, humanity will enter into chaos on a very deep level.  But you will have no reason for fear.  It is not the end; it is the beginning.”  The Mayan Ouroboros, p 15

Let’s do our best to be kind and sensitive to each other.  Watch over children and animals.  They do not have words to express what is happening, but they are feeling the eruptions and disruptions deeply.  Remember, “everything is connected and the web is holy.”  (Marcus Aurelies)

Keep Breathing!

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