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Annular Eclipse of the Sun. April 29, 2014

New Moon joins the Sun at 8 degrees of Taurus
Annular Eclipse of the Sun—Ring of Fire Eclipse

April 29, 2014

On the human, everyday radio station, irritability and short fuse syndrome continue to make many of us feel frazzled.  Routine annoyances like bad drivers, noise, over stimulation and other people’s problems make us want to retreat to a quiet cave. But some of that intense energy is starting to settle down as the Sun has moved into Taurus and the Grand Cross of two weeks ago begins to separate and dissolve.  On a more subtle frequency, we are tuning in to a new seed being planted with this new moon Solar Eclipse occurring April 29th shortly after midnight (8 degrees of Taurus).

This full Annular Eclipse will be visible only in Antarctica.  A partial eclipse is visible over most of Australia and the southern Indian Ocean. An annular eclipse happens when a narrow ring of the Sun remains visible beyond the dark mask of the Moon. It is called a ring of fire eclipse and annular eclipses are very rare.

We can all feel new potential and get hints about our desires.  Some tuned in people may experience new consciousness being downloaded into their cells.  Something new is planted during the darkness, aided by the ring of fire brightening our psyches.

Back to the human dimension, the bigger issue with the eclipse is a quincunx aspect between Mercury in Taurus and Mars in Libra.  The Sun, new Moon and Mercury are all connected during this time.  Mars makes an awkward connection with Mercury (the mind, analysis, communication) and by association pulls in the Sun and Moon.  Relationships are touchy and we keep trying to adjust our sense of self and who with are with another person or even a group.  There is awkwardness on the one hand between digging in our heels and being stubborn in our own needs and on the other hand, being drawn to accommodate someone else. 

The polarity of Taurus and Scorpio is also center stage because Saturn is in the sign of Scorpio opposing the Sun/Moon/Mercury trio in Taurus.  Saturn always wants us to focus on our job and responsibilities. Saturn brings groundedness and stability. Taurus is the tree.  Scorpio is the root of the tree.  This polarity is fixed and earthy but it’s also volcanic! Taurus, ruled by Venus, wants to hold on to all that is solid and precious; Scorpio, ruled by Mars and Pluto, might be ready to explode, change or eliminate something.  The tree could get uprooted. Could be something simple like last year’s summer wardrobe; it could be something major like where you live or who you live with.  Remember that some releasing takes time. Don’t feel like everything has to happen on Tuesday, April 29th.  If all we do is ask the question,  “what is in accordance with my highest good?” we are inviting the energy of this eclipse period to support us on our journey. 

Linda Sprague

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