Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Full Moon in Sagittarius June 2014

T-Cross: Pluto in Capricorn squares Uranus in Aries and Mars in Libra.  Life is an eggbeater!

On May 19th planet Mars stood still for a moment at 9 degrees of Libra and then hurried on his way through the sign of harmony and balance.  During this Full Moon Mars is again connecting with Uranus and Pluto (like it did in April). This time we have a T-cross where Mars and Uranus oppose each other and Pluto stands in between them.  Once again we are trapped in a room with irritability, sudden outbursts of discontent, or very big surprises.  As my astrologer friend, Alison, says:  “This is the eggbeater effect.”  Yes, it feels like I am in a mixing bowl and I am the subject of the eggbeater.  This configuration is ultimately about awakening and breaking through to a new life.  We are challenged to examine our thoughts and behavior as well as the behavior of the significant people in our lives. 

Full Moon at 22 degrees of Sagittarius on June 12-June 13: the truth can set you free!

The blender experience (set on maximum speed) is happening during the full moon in Sagittarius.  The full moon occurs close to midnight on Thursday, June 12 (CST).  The full light of the moon in Sagittarius encourages us to have an open mind and to reach for the truth.  The Sun in Gemini is a basket full of information to help us with that truth.  Sometimes Sagittarius is downright full of itself so we must be careful to question our own egos, our opinions and having things our own way.  The good use of this full moon is to open the mind to higher truth.  Remember, the full moon helps us see more clearly in the dark.  The darkness is the stuff we might want to ignore, but with this full moon we cannot escape what our higher self wants us to know.

You are walking down a totally dark street. Finally you come to the streetlight and you stand under it and feel relief

With a T-cross (also called T-square) between Pluto, Uranus and Mars, it is unlikely that we can ignore the shadows lurking in our peripheral vision.  Might as well stand under the street lamp and ask for the truth to show itself.  Revelation does not have to arrive at the precise moment of the full moon. Insights and awakenings have been appearing since the new moon in Gemini on May 28.  Revelation might take the form of better communication, more efficient fact-finding, or clearer life direction.  You will know it when you know it! 

Neptune in Pisces enters retrograde period from June 9 to November 15.  Imagine you live in a multidimensional universe and enjoy it!

In the midst of this pressure cooker and eggbeater experience, we have had an important event. Neptune, ruler of spirituality (and chaos) went retrograde just before the full moon. Retrograde periods intensify the activity of any planet.  Retrograde Neptune intensifies sensitivity, intuitive insight, emotional/spiritual perception, creative imagination/inspiration, meditative/mystical experiences, faith healing, love for the arts and a compelling attraction & connection with all of life (including animals, minerals and especially water).  In spite of the harshness on planet earth that we witness everyday, it is my belief that a majority of folks are awakening to a loving connection with all that is.  I am not suggesting that every sensitive goose bump you get means you have reached Nirvana. We still need feedback and counsel from others to insure we are of sound mind. [Reminder:  Neptune and the sign of Pisces both rule the sublime realms, and they also rule craziness!]  What I am suggesting is share your unique gifts.  Be open to other people’s gifts.  During these next five months, find a way to preserve your experiences with: the extraordinary reality of other dimensions, your communication with animals and nature, and your awareness of consciousness within all of life.  Starting with this full moon in Sagittarius, pretend you are Rumi!

Every Moment
By Rumi

a voice
out of this world
calls on our soul
to wake up and rise

this soul of ours
is like a flame
with more smoke than light
blackening our vision
letting no light through

lessen the smoke and
more light brightens your house
the house you dwell in now
and the abode
you’ll eventually move to

now my precious soul
how long are you going to
waste yourself
in this wandering journey
can’t you hear the voice
can’t you use your swifter wings
and answer the call?

Ghazal number 26
Translated by Nader Khalili

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