Sunday, June 8, 2014

Mercury retrograde June 7 to July 1, 2014

Mercury retrograde June 7 to July 1, 2014.  What, another retrograde planet? Arg.  Mercury entered its second retrograde phase of 2014 on June 7 at 3 degrees of Cancer.  As if we have not had enough retrograde energy this year!  First we had Venus, then Mercury, then Mars, and now Mercury again all retrograde since January 1.

Mercury retrograde in Cancer=I feel
Mercury retrograde in Gemini=I perceive

The sign of Cancer has so much to do with what we need and getting our needs met. Mercury retrograde in Cancer gives us time to ponder those needs, perhaps on a feeling level.  On June 17 Mercury backs into Gemini and that gives us time to be curious about our needs.  Do I really need another pair of sandals?  Do I really need to cut back on sugar and carbs?   We may return to some previous thinking about how to take care of ourselves.  Maybe we have to re-try to communicate to someone what our needs really are.  Maybe we will be re-learning something we didn’t get the first time.  Also we might hear from old friends.  Mercury rules the sign of Gemini.  Mercury in Gemini is about perceiving, gathering data and communicating information.  (Mercury also rules Virgo. In Virgo, Mercury analyzes the data.)  Mercury is also the planet of transportation.  Time to get the car overhauled. During this Mercury retrograde that continues until July 1, we might want to pay special attention to information and signals that come our way. 

Remember, Mercury retrograde is not a bad thing. It happens three times this year.  These retrograde periods give us an opportunity to (1) think out of the box, (2) step out of ordinary time, (3) re-think what we are doing here and (4) refine how we communicate.  

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