Thursday, July 30, 2015

Full Moon in Aquarius July 31, 2015

Friday’s Blue Moon in air sign Aquarius calls our attention to balancing our desire for freedom with our need to a part of family and community. All signs are complicated and Aquarius is no exception—on the one hand a savior of humanity and the other hand a free-thinking anarchist!

All the air signs are represented not by animals, but by human-like beings. Aquarius is the water bearer, a being nurturing humanity from an overflowing jug of water.  Aquarius cares about humanity.  On the one hand Aquarius is committed to helping our species evolve so we can share resources and treat each other with kindness.  However, planet Uranus rules Aquarius, and Uranus is about freedom.  Aquarius people need freedom in order to reach their full individuation, in order to create and invent, and in order to be involved in the advancement of humanity. We all have Aquarius somewhere!  There is a place in your horoscope that screams to be free! Be yourself so you can express your soul purpose.  Do it your way. Forget the rules! For most people that need for freedom must find a way to balance with family, career and society’s mores.

This full moon stirs up our conflicts about freedom to do what we want to do and our need to be a part of relationship, family, organization, or corporation (something that requires our commitment on an everyday level).

Planet Saturn is finishing its retrograde phase and will go direct at 28 degrees of Scorpio on August 2.  Saturn repeats the emphasis on commitments and duties.  In fact, Saturn makes a strong connection with Venus and Jupiter, implying that we cannot break away from the ties that bind us, at least not right now.  Venus and Saturn together remind us that we have pragmatic reasons to stay in a job or a relationship.  We are not totally free!  At the same time, full moon in Aquarius fills our hearts with a desire for freedom.  We long to express ourselves.  Maybe you wish you could join the demonstrators in Portland and go hang from the bridge to protest Shell!  That is definitely an Aquarian event going on.  Maybe you are remembering being a kid who wanted to run off and join the circus.

The full moon energy surrounding us stimulates our psyches to come to some balance and/or decision-making about our lives.  This can lead to planning and life changes as the weeks unfold.

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