Sunday, July 26, 2015

July Astro TIps

Venus is retrograde July 25 to September 6 in the sign of Leo
Venus makes extended journey through Leo (July 25 to October 9)

Our passion for love, abundance, creative expression and fun just got bigger. Venus began a retrograde phase today, July 25.  Approximately every two years Venus gives the appearance of moving backward in the sky.  From today until September 6 Venus will be in this retrograde period.  Anytime a planet is retrograde it seems to become stronger and more prominent in our lives. After the retrograde, Venus will continue through Leo until October 9.

There are many meanings associate with Venus: self worth, love, relationship, abundance, and beauty.

The most basic meaning of Venus is VALUE. What do we value?  Do I value myself?  What do I value and NOT value about my relationship(s)?  Do I value my work? Do I value my life style? Do I value my place in society (position, prosperity)? Do I value where I live? Do I value what I possess?  Do I need all this stuff?  Do I value how I am expressing myself?  Is my life force flowing? Do I feel creative?

During a Venus retrograde phase, we will experience the Intensification of some area around what we value.  For some people it may be our property and possessions and finances. For others, issues of relationship may be the focus. For other individuals, creative projects may be the center of attention.

What to Expect:  Deep Examination of our values.  Seeking Corrections. Rectifying what isn’t working.  Resolving where we are off-course.

Between now and September 6 AND into October when Venus moves into the next sign (Virgo),  we have the opportunity to identity where we are struggling with our values.  You might say we cannot avoid the problem and will diagnose what needs our attention, reflection and correction in the areas I have discussed.  It begins with asking if we truly value who we are and where we are in life.  Are we living in a place of integrity? Can we continue with the path we are on?  Is our life force and creative direction in alignment with our soul purpose?

Check in with your Inner Knowing.  Care about yourself.

How can we answer these questions?  First and foremost we have to connect with our inner self (or higher self if you prefer).  If you can’t do that on your own, there are guides, healers, tools, workshops, retreats etc. to help you.

Check in with self. Check in with intuitive, knowing place. Ask big questions. Be patient. Be loving with yourself. Venus is about love, right?  How am I loving myself?  With sugar? With buying pretty things? With being with friends? With connecting with nature?  With meditation? With making more money?  There are many ways to connect with love.

Venus retrograde gives us
·      Intensification of any issue we are engaged with that falls under the domain of Venus. 
·       Next this period brings inescapable motivation to correct or rectify what isn’t working. 
·       We will seek the right course of action to bring our life into alignment as best we can.
·       We will be asked to keep the focus on the self, not the other person, not our boss or company, not on who is running for president.

Finally this Venus retrograde period is in the sign of Leo.  Leo is associated with the heart, with love, loyalty, joy, vibrancy, and creativity. Creativity doesn’t just mean being on the stage. It is cooking a good meal, fixing an unusual summer salad, singing in the car, being silly and laughing at our own messy lives,

During this retrograde period, each person will experience Venus retrograde in a unique way. The fundamental meaning has to do with value. WHAT DO YOU VALUE AND CAN YOU AFFORD IT?  Some of us will try to get very clear about what we value in a relationship.  If the relationship is not doing an adequate/fulfilling  “relating job,” then some adjustment must be made. What do you value in relationship? 

Do you have enough support and earthy financial flow in your life?  Some people will examine the issue of security and finances.  Maybe we need a different career path.  Maybe we need a different budget.

Remember, this Venus retrograde period is just one moment in our lives. It supports us and motivates us. It does not require that we become perfect between now and October.


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