Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Full Moon in Scorpio, May 14, 2014

THE FULL MOON IN SCORPIO (Wednesday May 14) sits in the lap of transiting Saturn in Scorpio and they travel across the sky.  This gives us the message to consider our situation. The past four weeks have been hectic, fast, intense, and for some folks, downright troublesome/miserable/challenging.  We are living on a fast paced rotating orb of life.   Our social fabric is being rewoven.  Our buildings are being shaken.  Our political landscape is downright bizarre.  The full moon in Scorpio with Saturn in Scorpio gives us a minute to stop and rest.  Settle down and reflect on the past few weeks. 

Watery Scorpio pushes us into the deep end of the pool. Whether you dive down deep or just tread water, it’s time to get in touch with feelings and impulses that have been hiding out in the shadows. Saturn is reality and practicality.  Time to get real. Are you behaving like a grown-up or not? What do you want to do with your time here on Earth (“time” is another Saturn word)? What have you learned in the past months that have flown by like a cascading water fall.  Can you remember January? Time to sit and be quiet.  No hot yoga during this full moon.  Breathe and contemplate.  It doesn’t have to be a silent retreat for a year.  Just ring a bell, or take a walk, or sing a song or do a slow dance and just be.  What are you feeling?  Don’t be afraid.  Something down deep is trying to surface.  Saturn will help you sit with it and turn it into wisdom. 

A full moon in Scorpio sitting with Saturn in Scorpio feels kind of serious. However, after writing that little musing, the info that surfaced for me was pretty simple:  The little voice said, “get your oil changed.”  Seriously this year is flying by. I think I forgot the 5,000 mile rule. In short, the hidden information morsel may be something very practical. Don’t dive so deep you hit your head, ok?

This Full Moon period has some romantic indicators for those who are interested. Venus and Uranus are holding hands in Aries.  This is great for sudden attractions.  Whether they last depends on other factors, but for some people, this is a powerful romantic time.  Mars is still hanging out in the sign of Libra (love and partnership) and that Mars is aspecting the Venus/Uranus duet.  There could be some hot sparks in the relationship/romance department.

Planet Neptune and Mercury are in a challenging line-up and maybe that is good. No matter how far gone you are in love, the Mercury/Neptune tells you to hold on to a few brain cells.  Also Mars makes an uncomfortable connection with Neptune.  So Mars, action and desire, is trying to adjust to idealistic Neptune.  Desire wants to stay cool but holding back is hard. It’s easy right now to get carried away. There is one big obstacle to throwing caution to the wind:  The FULL MOON IS IN SCORPIO WITH SATURN IN SCORPIO AND THAT SPELLS RESTRAINT!

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