Monday, May 19, 2014

Mars goes direct in Libra-May 19, 2014

Mars goes direct today at 9 degrees of Libra.  Mars stepped into Libra, sign of the Scales (balance and justice), in early December.  On the first of March Mars turned retrograde in Libra. Now today that retrograde phase is ending and Mars can pick up some speed and hurry on through this long cycle in Libra.  Mars will not finish the Libra transit until July 25th (when Mars journeys into Scorpio).

Mars is passion and Libra is polite passion.

Every two years Mars makes a retrograde cycle that keeps it attached to one sign for a number of months.  This time it’s seven months in Libra. Mars is associated with desire, passion, survival, action, courage, leadership, assertion, aggression, war, volatility and of course, anger.  In the sign of Libra, Mars holds back on the anger.  Or anger takes a verbal, mental approach rather than a physical approach.  Libra is a relational sign.  Planet Venus rules Libra and therefore the aim is for harmony and balance in human associations.  Libra is one of the signs associated with legal matters.  Balancing the scales and seeking justice belong to Libra.  Libra is the energy that propels us towards relationship.  By that I mean relational interaction, partnering (rather than casual connection), and contractual agreements.  These matters have been in the forefront since December.  For some people Mars in Libra has brought a lot of ups and downs in relationships since December. For some people Mars in Libra has meant legal divorce and it has probably taken time an energy to have a divorce seem right to both parties.

We need new strategies and tools for relating. 

My hunch is that this long, drawn-out attention to relational matters has given us time to gain insight about ourselves and other people.  Perhaps we are trying to find new strategies for managing our relationships.  Now that Mars has become direct we can try to put new thinking and new strategies in motion.  For example, maybe we want to try to talk like adults rather than shut down and sulk.  Or maybe we have learned that we have to be more assertion and less passive.

I’m also thinking that some of us may have re-connected with friends from the past. Whether it’s new people or people from before, this long Mars cycle in Libra makes relationships very important.

Mars helps us survive.

Finally, Mars rules our blood and muscles. Without Mars we can’t get out of bed in the morning.  Mars is the rushing energy that gives us desire to go run, or do yoga or play baseball.  Mars is the energy that in some way determines how well we survive in our lifetime.  These months of Mars in Libra have been terrific for some people. Some people are thriving and getting what they desire. Other people are stuck and suffering.  They have lost jobs. They have lost their homes in tornados.  Some people have been ill. Mars rules sudden fevers and illnesses as well as accidents.  We send good energy to all, but especially to those who have suffered in their level of survival during the past months.  Hopefully Mars returning to direct motion will help all of us with the matters that have been difficult since the beginning of the year.

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